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save container data..

Question asked by smithsmith on Apr 24, 2014
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save container data..


     helloo again..
     i want to ask something..

     i have one table with 7 fields  (6 text and 1 container).in my database each record save a pic with some charakteristics.
     i know 3 ways to save my pic (in container):
     first embedded in my database (it's not good idea becaouse increase database size.
     second store only as  reference to the file
     and third store container data externally.
     i created my database with filemaker pro database also gona be shared with filemaker clients.

     the question is..

     when clients open remote file in the records wich have been saved with second way .."store only as  reference to the file" the container cant show the picture(cant find the path i think). why??

     and the second question is..

     if i save  with third container data externally...if my disc is fully i must set new disc path but i could search in both disk?how can i solve it??