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Save Copy as pdf with date or timestamp

Question asked by schnook on Jun 4, 2010
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Save Copy as pdf with date or timestamp


Hello all


I am trying to save all coppies of a Save Copy as pdf file that is emailed, (TodaysLog.pdf) but i need to add the date to it so as it will save all of them. At present it will only allow me to save one copy of the TodaysLog.pdf file, if i delete the TodayLog.pdf file it will save the next days TodaysLog.pdf file.


So is there a line of script i can add in the Save Copy as .pdf that will enter the current date to do this


So what i need is for the save to look something like (filewin:/D:/TodaysLog/TodaysLog 12/6/2010.pdf), Tomorrows would look like (filewin:/D:/TodaysLog/TodaysLog 13/6/2010.pdf) and will be in the saved in the same folder.


I am using Filemaker pro 11 advanced with win xp service pk3.