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    Save copy self-contained problem



      Save copy self-contained problem


      I have a database with several pictures stored externally.  I want to create a self-contained copy, but get an error, "could not be created on this disk.  Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk."  I have found the post already, but I am the admin user and logged in (as far as I can tell).  I have several "unstored fields, but none that are associated with containers.  All containers are external(open) and no calculation refers to a container.  Any suggestions as to the problem or how I can troubleshoot?  Rebecca



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          Win? Mac?  FMP ver? 12.02 is current.

          Externally stored pictures on the same drive? Drive is you boot drive? External? Network drive?

          Your intention is to save the self-contained copy on your drive?

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            So there is plenty of space on the local drive to store the created copy.I have a new iMAC with 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 and 8GB memory and a 1 TB hard drive.  

            All of the files (container pictures, database, and copy I'm trying to create) are being stored on same hard drive (boot drive).    I hope to email the copy to my ipad, to use with filemaker go, but am storing on desktop to create the copy.

            I have tried rebooting the computer.

            I have published this database on instant web publishing just using the imac as the server.  But even with all sharing turned off, I get the same results.

            I'm using filemaker pro 12 with mac osx 10.7.4

            I did try this much earlier on in the process of creating the database and it worked at that time.  Though I'm a new user, so I don't know if I've changed a setting somewhere.

            The only thing I find odd is that I have the security set for my access but when I enter the password, which is only 5 characters, the many more--like 20 dots. So I assume I am "logged in".  It lets me change anything that I want, e.g. passwords.


            Is there a way I can manually "import" all the container pictures and then save the database (under a different name, of course)?

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              That generic error message is singularly uninformative. All it really means is "FileMaker generated an error when it tried to save to the location your script specified." The list of possible causes for the error are incomplete and the most common cause is the one they left out.

              I suggest sharing how you specified the file name and location for where you are saving the file. It's very likely that there is an issue with the filepath your script specifies.

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                Yes...I fixed it.  Your reply regarding paths lead me to check all of the containers contents and make sure there were no missing file references.  I went through and found some where the filename had been changed externally and therefore, it was missing.  I would have expected Filemaker to ignore those items, but it obviously does not.  I deleted all the missing references and it worked just fine!  Thanks!