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    Save data to list



      Save data to list



           How do i save the data i enter?

           I want to save it to a list under the date

           The numbers i entered (see Picture) is measurements, and the next time i measure, i type new numbers that also needs to be saved.


           Hope it makes sense


           Is it possible?


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               There are multiple options. The simplest is to simply select new record each time before entering more data. The date field can be set to auto-enter the creation date.

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                 Sorry I wasn't clear. Theese number is entered to an contact, so if the just add a new record, i have to type the contact again right?

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                   A complete description of what you want to do is necessary in order to provide a complete answer.

                   Sounds like you need two tables: Contacts and Measurements


                   Contacts::__pkContactID = Measurements::_fkContactID

                   Then you can enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for Measurements.

                   Put a portal to Measurements on your Contacts layout and you can build a list of measurements data directly in the portal.

                   For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

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                     Thanks for the answer. But i really don't understand it. 

                     Is the __pkcontact a field in the contact table?

                     And can i add a button to push and save the measurements?

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                       Please refer to the link provided to see pictures of a relationship graph that match to the text based relationship notation that I am using. It also will tell you that __pkContactID is a number field defined in Contacts with a field option set that auto-enters a serial number. The two underscores ensure that sorting the fields by name puts it at the top of the list. The pk identifies the field as one used as the primary key field for this table.

                       This is a naming convention that I frequently use. You can use the naming system I do or come up with your own names so long as the field still auto-enters a serial number.