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    save export field criteria



      save export field criteria


      I am using the trial version of FM 11 on my Mac running system 10.6.4 and have used prior versions of FM like 8.5.


      My question: I export data from my database with various field configurations. Is there a way to save the list of fields I export for each of my alternatives so that I can use each one again? For instance, if I exort filed A and field B sometimes and field B and field C other times,, how can I save each of these criteria so that I do not have to recreate them in the export box?


      I do not see how I can do this.


      Many thanks.

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          The easiest way would be to just create multiple scripts, each with its own field order. You could leave the [ ] No dialog option unchecked, so you could adjust slightly if needed. You could then choose a script by name. You could put the scripts in a visible script folder.