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Save File to Excel, Send Email with the Excel file as attachment

Question asked by comajama on May 28, 2009
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Save File to Excel, Send Email with the Excel file as attachment


Hello FileMakers,


I'm curious about a couple of things.


Thing #1: I've got a customer who is asking that data be sent to her in an email via Excel format at the click of a button. I was thinking, easy enough. Gather the data, save as excel, Use Get (TemporaryPath), tack an automatically generated name for the excel file on the end of it using a variable(Like a serial number). Set a variable to grab the new full path, run the Send Email Function, Populate the recipients and attach the full path variable under attachments. Well it works, however it attaches the file as filetype "All Files". When I try to open it, I have to go searching for the program to use. Even then it doesn't recognize the file as Excel. I'm rather confused here.

Has anyone experienced this? If so, what was the solution?


Thing #2.  Okay, here are some filemaker rules that I am not quite clear on. When setting up the Send Email function, I have multiple files to attach. This time they are saved within FileMaker. The rule appears to be that each file path must be separated by a carriage return. When I attach the files, no matter what, it will only attach the first line. Am I missing something here?