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    Save find request



      Save find request


           FM 12. How can I save a find request in a script so it can be recalled ? I want the script to perform a find, save the request and then recall the find.

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               I don't quite understand what you're trying to accomplish.  Are you saying someone does a find request, and then if someone else wants to do the same find request it appears somewhere in a script.

               What happens when someone does a different find request, then the 3rd person does a find request looking for the first find request?

               I would think you either script all your most popular recurring finds, or in the toolbar next to the find icon is a down button where you can create/modify/save and re-use finds.

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                 What I want to do by script is this: go to another layout with the same source table, perform a find in that table and sort the records so the user can inspect the results. Then continue the script to return to the original layout, restore the original record set and be on the original record.

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                   Here are two ways to avoid altering the found set of your original window:

              1.           If your two layouts are based on different Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? (even if the table occurrences have the same data source table), you'll find the same current record and found set on your original layout is still intact when you return to it.
              3.           And if you open a new window, perform your find, sort records etc. you can then close that window and the found set, etc. on your original layout in your original window will be unchanged.