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    Save layout as a file?



      Save layout as a file?



           I have been using filemaker for a few weeks now and really like the product.

           I am just wandering if its possible to save a layout as a file. What I need is to have a few different layouts (forms) for different users that would add/edit some information in the database rather than getting all users to run the same database file and just change some permissions.

           Also this to be done from different PCs on the network (windows environment).

           I know I can share the database file connect to a database file on the network but could figure out how to actually manage one database from another.



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               You need to share the database over the network. That will be far simpler than trying to set up what you describe here. FileMaker Pro can host up to 9 simultaneous users using different licenses of FileMaker Pro to access it over the network. If you use web publishing, up to 5 simultaneous users can use their web browsers to access the database. More FileMaker users can be served if you host with either FileMaker Server (FileMaker clients or Custom Web Publishing) or Filemaker Server Advanced (FileMaker clients, Custom or Instant web publishing).

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                 Using FMP12 for sure [comfirmed by me with FMP] you can HOST 10 different licenses [9 plus the Host computer for 10].  Simply Open remote on the HOST to be number 10.


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                   That still adds up to 9 users in my book since you already have to have the file open as host on the host computer. I don't think it's good practice to use the host machine as a client.

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                     Thanks for your replies guys.

                     I would still give some users only some layouts (like if I had customer list I would need users to be only able to add new customers but not view existing customers) rather than whole database.

                     Would that be possible with Filemaker pro Advanced or Server Advanced?

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                       You don't need advanced, but FileMaker Pro Advanced is something I strongly recommend to anyone trying to create DB's in FileMaker Pro. The value added developer features just save a huge amount of time in many different areas.

                       You can use Manage | Security to control the level of access that a user has. You can control what layouts, scripts, and records that they can access as well as what they can do with the data within those records. And this does not require splitting up your database or exporting layouts to do.