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    Save PDF by that day only



      Save PDF by that day only


      Could somebody help me? I want to know how do I have my staff save their PDF each day for that day only? I am currently getting their PDF for their entire database and the file is much too large. Is their a way to format this so I have the option of 1 day or multiple days?

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          The following is true for printing reports and for generating PDFs...


          You have two options to select from: Current Record and Records Being Browsed.


          Current record ouputs just the current record.


          Records Being Browsed outputs data from all the records in your current found set.


          So to limit your PDF's to just one day's data, you'll need to perform a find that finds only those records and then be sure to select the Records Being Browsed option. You can do this manually or via a script.

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               Can someone please help me? I received a post on how to save my data to PDF by 1 day only but I cannot even find the browse records box.( Thank You Phil for your quick reply) I would like to get step by step instructions for a novice on how to set my filemaker to save the PDFS at the end of the day, for only that day so I can send the PDF with only that content. Please Help!!!
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              Doing it by hand:


              Perform your find to find just the records you want in your PDF.

              Choose Save/Send Records as | PDF

              Specify the name of your PDF in the dialog that pops up.

              Select PDF files from the "save as type" drop down.

              Select "Records being Browsed" from the "Save" drop down.


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