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Save PDF files to a container field.

Question asked by LeoCA on Oct 23, 2009
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Save PDF files to a container field.


We create a container field for Invoice Table that has Invoice Number as key. This field is meant to store Invoice Supporting documents (in pdf, doc, xls,...).

We copy the file(s) and paste to the field on a Invoice Layout. It seems working. Before we release to general users, we like to have better understandings:


1. Any good sources about using container field?

2. Are files stored in the database file (.fp7) or using reference? Will it affect performance?

3. How easy is to port this information from one FM database to another FM database?

4. Does FM have better way to meet our needs(other than the way we do now)?


We are using FileMaker Pro 8.5.  Your help is appreciated.