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Save PDF in a container script step

Question asked by 56up on Nov 27, 2013
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Save PDF in a container script step


I have a script to save a quotation as a PDF and attach to an email which works extremely well. The relevant steps (not complete as it shows the names of our employees) is shown below.


Save Records as PDF(Restore; No dialogue; "$Path"; Records being browsed)

Send Mail [Send via E-mail Client; to Quotations::email; CC: ---------- (using the file created in the step above)


The script, using a variable $PDFName also saves a copy as a pdf in a particular folder on my computer, visible by all others on our network.

At the moment we open the folder and drag a copy of the quotation into a pdf container in Filemaker. This allows the completed quotation to be seen and shown to customers in Filemaker GO. Is there a script that I can use to insert the pdf into the container field automatically?


On another point, if I enter some text into the email setup box such as "Please find attached..." or a calculated salutation, the email text becomes plain text instead of HTML so our signatures do not enter with images. If left blank, it becomes HTML. Is there any way to enter text and still leave it as HTML?