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Save PDF via script to hosted server

Question asked by straka_sh on Jun 5, 2012
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Save PDF via script to hosted server


In creating PDFs of invoices... the following File Path works:

"file:" & Globals::g_CouncilName & "/" & Lineitem_Orders::zzzPDF_FileName_Invoice & ".pdf"

But only when the database file is on my desktop or on a server on our network.

When we put this on our hosted server... it doesn't work... so I tried this...

"fmnet:/I put the IP address here" & Globals::g_CouncilName & "/" & Lineitem_Orders::zzzPDF_FileName_SNSPickTix & ".pdf" 

No luck... so I tried all variations of that... fmnet:/IP address/file name.pdf   and etc... just to see if I could get it to save on the hosted server with and/or without the folder name we'd like it to save in...

No matter the path I've tried... I can't get the PDF to save in my script... I've attached the dreaded dialog box I see every time...

Any ideas?