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Save PDF, put PDF

Question asked by Gilo on Apr 20, 2015
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Save PDF, put PDF



I want to use a script, which creates me a letter, which i can print manually, and which the script saves as pdf and then adds into a container field. But I always get the error message, that the pdf cannot be found.

As I use FM on Mac and PC, i would need a solution for both platforms. I access a FM DB on a Mac Server, which shares the DB thru Filemaker 13 Pro Advanced, NOT FM Server.

Here's what I have and does not work:

set var ($Filename; Value: "name.pdf")
set var ($PDFPath; Value: Get(DocumentPath) & $Filename)
Save Records as PDF (No Dialog; "$PDFPath"; all found records)
GoTo Field (Select/Execute; documents::doc_containerfield)
insert PDF ("$PDFPath")

And here i get the error message. 
but why? Saving and getting is the same path as it is the same var. 

Can someone help?