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Save Record as a 'modifiable' PDF?....

Question asked by paintboothguy on Apr 11, 2011
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Save Record as a 'modifiable' PDF?....


Good afternoon Forum, 

I have a script that saves a record that is a quotation to my distributor.  It displays his/her prices in a portal.  The record is saved as a PDF.

Now I am wondering if I can write another script that will save a record as a 'modifiable' PDF, maybe with 'fields' or 'blanks' that can be digitally altered by my distributor.  This way, I can in effect produce a quote not only for my distributor, but also for his client. The distributor can take the 'modifiable' PDF and digitally alter it to suit his needs, (like offer an additional discount off the list price, for example) and then submit it to his client.

Any ideas?