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Save Records as PDF - Black and White - it's TIME!!!

Question asked by blewvelvet on Jun 14, 2013
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Save Records as PDF - Black and White - it's TIME!!!

Post I see that the options are limited here in the dialog box of Saving Records as PDF......but I can't seem to find any way to get the output to be grayscale or black and white.

     Our client is now asking us to submit black and white invoices to their online autopayment system. Since we like streamlininig the output...we could really use this feature now from inside Filemaker Pro.

     We've tried outputting black and white/grayscale from other apps..but it is just really cumbersome and we don't really want to wast hours every week converting this stuff....and these online auto submit sites are really testy about what kind of PDF you send them and in what scale...sooo.

     There might be an app to do this quickly on the side.....I don't think this is even a Firemaker Pro issue..maybe...maybe not. I've tried even saving a PDF to grayscale from other's doesn't even work as a basic Mac OS function.

     Any input on what is happening in the Filemaker Pro outputting PDF files would be helpful?