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Save Records as PDF - Support for Barcode fonts

Question asked by JeroendeWit on Jul 21, 2011


Save Records as PDF - Support for Barcode fonts



I've got a question regarding saving records to PDF with the FileMaker's Save records as PDF script step. (FileMaker Pro Advanced 11).

I'm creating labels in FileMaker which require a barcode font (font used is Code 39-20 red20 from Via a script, records are imported, cleaned and saved as PDF. This works fine except for 1 thing. The barcode doesn't display correctly in the PDF file. The problem only seems to occur with the Save Records as PDF script step. It displays correctly when printing the records to a PDF file with a custom PDF creator, the problem here is that the sequence of saving records to the same PDF file (Append to Existing PDF) can't be automated (user has to define where to save the PDF file etc.).

Has anyone encounterd this problem? Or is this just one of the many FileMaker specific flaws.....