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Save Records as PDF returns error code 3

Question asked by on Nov 4, 2013
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Save Records as PDF returns error code 3


     We have a solution in production that creates a PDF file from a layout using the "Save Records as PDF" script step. Just the other day some users were not able to create the PDFs. A look at our log files shows that the script steps were failing the the error code 3, "Command is unavailable". We have not been able to reproduce this error in our development environment and are searching for an answer. The PDF script step is set to restore the printer options, run with no dialog, print the records being browsed, and automatically open file.

     The solution is running on FileMaker Server 11 and the clients are FileMaker Pro 11. The system has been in use for a little over a year and this error has not occurred until this past week when it occurred 20 times in one day (20 failed PDF commands versus 20 successful for the day). The only change that has occurred is that the system has been under increased usage recently (the tables accessed by the report are being accessed by other processes more frequently).

     What exactly does the "Command is unavailable" error mean, and how does it apply to this situation?

     I appreciate any light you can shed on this subject!