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Save Records as PDF to a Shared Folder

Question asked by DouglasReid on Nov 16, 2012
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Save Records as PDF to a Shared Folder



     I have a networked FMP solution using the built in peer to peer model on a Mac network.

     I have a script that Saves Record as a PDF, and then emails said PDF as an attachment. Is it possible to designate an output file path on the computer hosting the database that the client machines also can access?

     At the moment I use:

     $$EMAILRECORDPATH & $fileName

     where $$EMAILRECORDPATH = 

     Get ( DocumentsPath ) & "/Emailed Records/"

     Which is fine if the PDFs are saved to each local machine, but I would like the documents when emailed to be saved to a shared folder on the host machine.

     I have been reading around but cannot seem to find the correct format. All help appreciated!

     Many Thanks in advance,