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    SaveAs pdf to email - changing for IPAD use



      SaveAs pdf to email - changing for IPAD use



           I used to have FM setup and runnuing on one computer so when i made a quote or invoice and pressed a button the script saved the pdf to the a backup folder on my shared server network path and then created a email and sent the pdf.

           The problem i now have is i have installed fm server on my server and use on 2 computers and ipad also laptop but when i use anything outside the network it wont work.

           I need to setup so the file is temp saved locally on a device either ipad or windows based then attached so, as the email that sends is also bcc to emaillogs@.... so i dont need the file saving on the server anymore.

           Any help appreciated thanks


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               use Get ( TemporaryPath )  to save locally:

               set variable

               $file = Get ( TemporaryPath ) & filename.pdf

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                 thanks for the reply.

                 So how would i change this script to suit.




                 Go to Layout [ “Invoice” (Ordering) ]

                 Set Variable [ $filePath ; Value:"filewin://BP_Server/Work_drive/Important_BP/FM_Invoices/" & Ordering::Order ID & "-Invoice.PDF" ]

                 Save Records as PDF [ File Name: “$filePath” ; Current record ]
                 [ Document - Title: "Invoice"; Subject: Ordering::Order ID; Author: "Beyond Printing"; Compatibility: Acrobat 7 and later ]
                 [ Pages - Number Pages From: 1; Include: Specific Pages ; Start Page: 1; End Page: 1 ]
                 [ Security - Printing: High Resolution ; Editing: Any except extracting pages ; Enable copying ; Enable Screen Reader ]
                 [ Initial View - Show: Page Only ; Page Layout: Single Page; Magnification: Fit Visible ]
                 [ Restore; No dialog ]
                      Send Mail [ Send via SMTP Server ; To: Clients::Client Email; BCC: "emaillogs@nting.com.au"; Subject: Ordering::Order
                      ID& " Invoice"; Message: "Hi "& Ordering::Client Name First& ",¶"&
                      &"Attached is your Invoice for your recent order "& Ordering::Order ID& ",¶"&
                      "&"¶"; Attachment: “$filepath” ; Name: "Beyond
                      Printing"; Email Address: "info@beyondg.com.au"; Reply-To Address: "info@beyting.com.au"; SMTP Server: "mail.
                      being.com.au"; Port: 26; Authentication Type: Plain Password ; User Name: "***********"; Password:
                      "**********." ]
                      [ No dialog ]


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                   Set Variable [ $filePath ; Value: Get ( TemporaryPath ) & Ordering::Order ID & "-Invoice.PDF" ]