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    Saved Find with Custom Menus?



      Saved Find with Custom Menus?




      Sorry if I'm missing something basic here, but this is a very powerful feature that I can't get to work.  I apologize in advance because I'm sure it is developer/user error.


      Is it possible to incorporate Saved Finds into a Custom Menu set?  When I add the Saved Finds submenu to my custom menu account it does show up in the menu bar, but all options, including the Recent Finds, are grayed out.  I can save and name a new find but then I cannot select that saved find at a later time, even though it shows in the list.


      I have the status area hidden, but it is able to be toggled.  Does that matter?




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          Thank you for your post.


          Yes, it is possible to incorporate Saved Finds into a Custom Menu set.  As a test, I searched on a Name field for TSGal and saved the find naming it "TSGal".  I then created a Custom Menu with the Records menu, File menu and Edit menu (in that order).  I made the Custom Menu active, pulled down the Records menu, selected Saved Finds and "TSGal" was active.


          If I go into Preview Mode, then "TSGal" is grayed out.  Naturally, this menu isn't active under Find Mode or Layout Mode.


          I know this doesn't help you, so this could be caused by a combination of menu items included/not included that is triggering this.  I would like to see a clone of your file so I can determine the possible cause.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with instructions where to send this file.



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