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Saved Remote disappears

Question asked by KenL on Apr 28, 2010
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Saved Remote disappears


I have a user whose saved remote file disappears.


Filemaker 10.0v1

Windows Xp SP3

Locked down user account



User goes to Open Remote > Favorite Hosts > Add

 She enters the server address, gives it a Favorites Hosts Name and then clicks Save


For the rest of the day she is fine, she can log off and back in and the favorite host is there, however when she reboots it disappears.


I have given her admin rights, added the host, restarted and it is still gone.  I have tried creating a fmhosts.txt file in her Application Data\FileMaker folder, still no saved host.  I have googled the problem and have ended up here.


Please any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.