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    SaveTo PDF Button Doesn't Work



      SaveTo PDF Button Doesn't Work


      I've created an Estimate Form for our company using Filemaker Pro Advanced. I cheated and opened one of the templates that came with Filemaker and copied the "New Record", "Delete Record" and "Save As PDF" buttons and pasted them in my Estimate Form. I then created a Runtime solution and saved it to our inhouse server where everyone could access it. (I'm the only one that has Filemaker. Everyone else is on Access).


      Everything works fine except for the "SaveTo PDF" button. If you click it, you don't get an error, its just flashes and then does nothing. The "New Record" and "Delete Record" buttons work fine. I looked at the button setup and "save to pdf" is selected. Don't know what else to check.


      Any suggestions?

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             Sounds like it may might not know where to save the pdf file. Did it work on your computer before you put it on the server computer? Does it work when you are actually using the server computer to test it?
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            Yes, the "Save To PDF" button works when I have the original Filemaker document open. When I click the button, a window pops up asking where to save.


            When I close the original document and test the Runtime document on the server, it does not pop up a window asking where to save. Looks like it "tries" to do something, because the PDF icon "blinks" but nothing happens.  So you might be right - its confused on where to save it.


            Is there a work-around?

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              There are some ways to script the Save as PDF function. One will work to replace an existing pdf file which is fine if it's temporary for printing or emailing purposes, and would require duplicating the file before the next save if you want to retain it for future use. The other way is more complex and would save a new pdf file each time, but it's one I have not used and would look to someone else here to explain it.


              If you are using a Mac, you can easily save any layout in preview mode as a pdf file. Also, an interesting idea if you are a Mac and an iPhone, you can use the Printer app to print/save a layout, etc. directly to your iPhone.



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                Jens Teich
                   Save to PDF does not work in runtime solutions because of licensing issues.

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                  Jens, it absolutely correct. Save As PDF does not work with FileMaker Pro Runtime. It is a licensing agreement between FileMaker and Adobe.


                  If you are running the solution on a Mac under Mac OS X 10.x, you can print to a PDF manually. 

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                       Thanks Jens and Steve for correcting me. I had never tried saving pdf files from my runtime solutions. 
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                      Thanks everyone for your input.


                      Unfortunately, those that will be accessing the Runtime solution on the server are all on Windows machines. Us "smart" guys in marketing are the only ones on Macs. . .:smileywink: