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SaveTo PDF Button Doesn't Work

Question asked by ncriptide on Jan 2, 2009
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SaveTo PDF Button Doesn't Work


I've created an Estimate Form for our company using Filemaker Pro Advanced. I cheated and opened one of the templates that came with Filemaker and copied the "New Record", "Delete Record" and "Save As PDF" buttons and pasted them in my Estimate Form. I then created a Runtime solution and saved it to our inhouse server where everyone could access it. (I'm the only one that has Filemaker. Everyone else is on Access).


Everything works fine except for the "SaveTo PDF" button. If you click it, you don't get an error, its just flashes and then does nothing. The "New Record" and "Delete Record" buttons work fine. I looked at the button setup and "save to pdf" is selected. Don't know what else to check.


Any suggestions?