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    Saving a Script



      Saving a Script


      After writing a script I am unable to save it.

      The only options I have at the bottom of the screen are: Clear, Duplicate and Disable

       In the Toolbar under Scripts the Save option is greyed out.




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          Howdy jackdash,


          There's no "OK" and "Cancel" in the bottom right corner of the scriptmaker window?  "OK" = "Save"


          (Note, I'm in FMP8, so the OK button may have moved in FMP10)

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            I am in Filemaker 9.0

            There is no o/k on the screen.

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              I find it still niggles with me that there is no explicit way (apparent to me, anyway) of saving scripts as they progress.  I found it odd that the 'Save' function wasn't mantained, or added.  The answer is just to close the script at regular intervals as you build it, and then... re-open it again.  Unless someone can tell me that I can't see the button for staring at it.



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                Yes this change in behavior bit us hard 2 years ago when it first came out. I suppose we are just used to it by now. Here are some old links. BTW, you may want to check out the part regarding the debugger.





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                  Learned something new...thanks Mr_V.


                  I agree with the referenced threads...I wish that the difference wasn't there to learn.  Seems odd to remove an existing button and force a change of design habit.

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                    Thank you for your posts.


                    I don't have any information why the design change to remove the Save button.  As already mentioned, Command-S/Control-S will save the script.


                    I would encourage all of you to enter this feature request into our Feature Suggestions web form at:




                    Although I could easily copy your posts and paste them into the web form, there are some additional questions asked that only you individually can answer.


                    Advice: Product Development and Product Management read these Feature Suggestion entries, and I have noticed that more attention is given to those entries that have real-life examples.  Therefore, when filling out the web form, please just don't say "Add this feature".  Explain what you are doing, how this is hindering your business/efficiency/etc., and provide what you would expect to see.





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