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Saving an event solution based on the event name

Question asked by mdphillips on Apr 10, 2014
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Saving an event solution based on the event name


     I'm a total FM noob so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

     I work with a group who provides logistics for various events.  Among other things, we track 5 unrelated items used during an event and currently use Excel.  I'm working on a solution to combine these items into a "suite" for a given event. I've created a menu layout to access each of the areas we would track.  I would like to have this suite saved as a new solution for each event based on it's name.  That may sound a little crazy but based on our post-events needs this would work better.

     I know I could rename the master file prior to the event but I'm wondering if I could write a script to name the event and and save the file as such.  Whichever route I take, it has to be as easy as possible for the user since many have limited computer and virtually no FM skills.