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Saving Cache contents...recommendations

Question asked by mwc_1 on Jan 29, 2009


Saving Cache contents...recommendations



 Save cache contents....during idle time or xx minutes??


Ok, here is my issue (and thinking changing this pref may fix it?)


I have a FMS9 hosted database, and FMP 8,9,10 clients on various workstation.

I have a portal on the Db for operators to enter info (name,quantities,production comments)

Sometimes, the operators lose info in those fields that the SWEAR they entered...and I have reduced it down to these factors...


Machines that typically drop this info are wireless, and they go to sleep after xx amount of time, and the network connection is sometimes dropped. I am feeling that the operators are entering info in this portal, leaving the portal selected, and when the machine sleeps the info is not committed to the Db. Having them click out of the portal may resolve this?? or/and/should I change the cache pref on these machines to save every minute or so??