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Saving data on different panels

Question asked by RenFox on Jan 24, 2011
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Saving data on different panels


I have four panels set up for my current database. For some reason I am unable to save any data that was created in fields from my third panel. There is nothing different (that I can find) about the way I created Panel #3, but everytime I enter data into the fields on that page it does not get saved.  I will go through the entire page of fields and fill them all in, but as soon as I click anything outside of the field areas or onto another Panel page the entire set of fields wipes clean and becomes blank again. My records also do not indicated that there was ever any data or records saved from that one Panel.

Is this a glitch or a common occurence and something I can easily fix? I tried going through everything on panels 1, 2, and 4 to see if I have anything different that I forgot to do, but I cannot seem to find any common data entry, table, or relation that I am missing.

Thank you!