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    saving files and docs



      saving files and docs


      Hi all,


      I would like to know if there is a database template where I can save files and documents under a contact. I am completely new to filemaker and have no clue how it works. 


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Best Regards

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          I do not understand.

          You would open a Filemaker Database, open Word, create a Word Doc and save it in Filemaker?



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            You can store references to other files, such as emails, word docs, PDFs... in a container fields. Usually, you want to use the store as reference option to store a link to the file rather than the actual file. This is an option at the bottom of the dialog when you first insert the file or it's reference. You can double-click these container fields to open the referenced document.


            To insert a file reference into a container field:


            Define a container field and place it on your layout.

            Enter Browse Mode

            Click in the field

            Choose Insert | file

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              Hi David,


              well, the answer to that is pretty simple. If I have a database of 1000 contacts, I would like to be able to punch in a contact and see all the correspondence with this contact in one window.....that is really the only reason I would need a program such as filemaker. This is a basic function in Bento and I am 100% sure it is also possible in Filemaker.


              I would use Bento if it were possible to synchronize data between MACs and PCs, but I believe synchronization is not possible....in fact, Bento is not even available for PCs as far as I know.


              Best Regards


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                Hi Phil,


                thanks for your help in this......


                Basically, if I have a contact with lets say 100 files of correspondence (emails, contracts, pics etc), I want all of these files to be listed under his name......


                I tried your suggestion and created the container field....it allows me to include 1 file, but replaces this as soon as I try to include a second one. Is this not possible in filemaker?


                thanks for your effort....


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                     You need to create a new table related to your contacts table. Place the container field in here and use a portal to display the list of related container fields. I suggest reading up on relationships and portals as these are key building block concepts for virtually everything you do with a database such as Filemaker.
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                    Given your response the concept is good.

                    Further question - is the creation of client files limited to one computer / one user?

                    If one computer and one user the question would be orginization.

                    If multilple computers and multiple users, then a database approach would be good choice.

                    IF mult and mult what platform? Mac? PC? Mixed?

                    Where would the database live? Mac? PC?

                    The path to the shared documents would be a main consideration.

                    Is it possible the path to the source documents be changed? Photos or PDFs would be moved?

                    There are calculated fields that can be implemented that allow movement of source documents to be an easy process.

                    Apologies if the questions seem complex.


                    If you have a client table (database)(with a unique client ID), and that client has more than one document. There needs to be another table (database) that has the same client ID for each record (document) that relates to the client.

                    Client Database (Table)

                    Client ID==001

                    Client First ==Sam

                    Client Last ==Name 


                    Document Database (Table) RECORD ONE

                    Client ID== 001

                    Doc Name==AboutMe.doc

                    Doc Type==office.doc

                    Doc Path==c://drived/docfolder/aboutme.doc 


                    Document Database (Table) RECORD TWO

                    Client ID== 001

                    Doc Name==AboutMe2.doc

                    Doc Type==office.doc

                    Doc Path==c://drived/docfolder/aboutme2.doc


                    The above example has one client (in the client database)

                    There are two documents in the documents database with the same client ID numbe