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Saving found sets which are not criteria based

Question asked by celiacomrie on Nov 17, 2014
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Saving found sets which are not criteria based


I used to use bento and this allowed be to save selections of records for later retrieval.  These selections are only partly criteria based, supplemented by manual effort.  The reason for this is the records are teaching material and I may need all records relating to a certain topic, or I may want to produce a random set, or a semi structured set.  The save find function only works if you use criteria - if you try to omit a record or extend the find through requests menu the save find just saves the last action.  I have exported to PDF but then I cannot amend if I later want to slightly adjust or make alterations - I have to start again.  All very cumbersome.  Is saving manually assembled sets of records simply not available functionality in Filemaker?