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Saving image from webviewer to filemaker container field.

Question asked by gunnerstudio on Jun 26, 2009


Saving image from webviewer to filemaker container field.


Hey. posting this request is to simplify an existing and working function, but the user need to do save twice. 

I got a drawing webprogram, accessed through filemaker 10 webviewer, and want to control the save function with a script inside of filemaker.


when the user saved the drawing the click in the webviewer, and on the save button.

But for the saved picture to be saved into a container, I click on a second save button in filemaker.


This is the Script I use to save the saved file in filemaker 


Show Custom Dialog ["SAVE" ; "Do you want to save current Drawing"] 

If [Get(lastMessaegChoice) = 1]

    Go to Field [drawing_line::container_drawing]
    Insert Picture [image.jpg]  

    If [IsValid (drawing_line::Container_notsaved )] // if the file hasnt been saved before it shows not saved

    Go to Field [drawing_line::Container_notsaved] 

    Insert Picture [Reference; "saved.png"] // Show that the file has been saved

    Commit records/request

 End if

End If 


The PHP request comes from an applet


//<applet code="Control.class" codebase="../applet/" archive="mydrawingprogram.jar"

width="112" height="28" align="top" >

<param name="bgcolor" value="#C0CAC0">

<param name="columns" value="1">

<param name="system" value="save" >

<param name="save" value="save.php" >// Can I start this request from filemaker?? and put it in my filemaker script ?

<param name="progresstext" value="Saving in progress. Please wait...">



I have tried to give the webviewer an objectname "webviewer"

and started a simple script

Set Web viewer //[object Name: "webviewer"; URL "http://localhost:8080/php/save.php]// 


and it worked... in a way.. but gave me the answer //#SHOWSTATUS=Image file is not found in the request 


I think it will work, but I dont know how??? 


If anybody can help me out here I will  be sooo happy !!! I works the way it is, but i want to make it a bit simpler for my client. 

I got a script trigger in my mind, on exit, but it is not relevant since my user goes back and forward from the webviewer. 



thanks again!!!

hope you all have a great day !!!