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    Saving last used windows



      Saving last used windows


      When I'm working with Filemaker I usually use several windows. When I finished my work I close program. Next day when I open the same database and I want to continue my work, but program didn't save the windows I was working yesterday and only open one of them. I want to save the last configuration I use when I close my database. How can I do that? 



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          Jens Teich
             You can get all information with FileMaker builtin functions.

          WindowNames : gives the names of all windows.
          Get(LayoutName) : Name of current Layout.
          Get(Window...) give the positions, width and height of single windows.

          You need a script running at FM shutdown looping through all WindowNames storing all the data in a FileMaker field. And vice versa on startup. Not trivial but possible.


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            I did it!

            I did a script which saved the info of all windows in a table. Then, I did a script which used saved-data to open the windows. 

            Thanks Jens :-D