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Saving multiple records as Individual PDF's

Question asked by Martin1 on Nov 27, 2008
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Saving multiple records as Individual PDF's




I have been trying for sometime now to write a script which allows me to e-mail individual schedules as pdf's for multiple records in a found set. I keep coming up against the same problem in that I can only get filemaker to save all of the records in one pdf document.


What I want to do is as follows :


1. Import data from excel spreadsheets provided by our clients.

2. Save each individual record as a PDF in a specific file without having to go into each record individually, create a save file name and then save it.

3. Then create a seperate e-mail per pdf to send back to specific employees at our clients.


If I can automate this process with a scrip it will save our administration team a considerable amount of time. Any help greatfully appreciated.


Many thanks