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    Saving pdf to mac server


      Saving pdf to mac server


           I currently had the line below in my script which would export a record as a pdf and put the pdf into a file called "enquiries" that is located on my desktop. The pdf file is automatically named after the Enquiry name and order number - e.g. Smith/1000.pdf.

           Set Variable:




           "file:" & Get (DesktopPath ) & "Enquiries"  & "/" & Invoiceitems_INVOICEDETAILS::Enquiry_Name & "/" & Invoiceitems_INVOICEDETAILS::fk_Order & ".PDF"


           However, Now I want to export this file to a folder in my documents folder on my new mac server and unsure how do do this. I have already implemented a way to create folders from FM12 to the server using applescript but am now stuck with implementing an export from a script...Help on this would be hugely appreciated...

           Or at least an example of how I can target this file to another folder on the local Mac (if server option not possible) but not documents/dekstop. I tried get(filepath) but unsure what it should look like in a script like the one above...

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               The documents folder on the server would need to be shared and that volume would need to be mounted on your client machine. I believe I've seen reference to appliescripts that can mount volumes.

               How you mount the shared volume then determines the file path you'll need to use to save to that location.


                    The pdf file is automatically named after the Enquiry name and order number - e.g. Smith/1000.pdf

               Hmmm, to me, that looks like you are naming the file after just the order number and putting it inside a folder named after the enquiry name.

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                 Hi Phil

                 Thank you for the advice - I am half way thougth cracking it on a local machine - using dropbox as a contingency folder! If I cwn get this to work, I shall attempt the server version...

                 If it works I shall post the script here so anyone else can see how it is done as it has taken quite a while! (Nearly there hopefully)