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Saving pdf to mac server

Question asked by willrollo on Jun 18, 2013
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Saving pdf to mac server


     I currently had the line below in my script which would export a record as a pdf and put the pdf into a file called "enquiries" that is located on my desktop. The pdf file is automatically named after the Enquiry name and order number - e.g. Smith/1000.pdf.

     Set Variable:




     "file:" & Get (DesktopPath ) & "Enquiries"  & "/" & Invoiceitems_INVOICEDETAILS::Enquiry_Name & "/" & Invoiceitems_INVOICEDETAILS::fk_Order & ".PDF"


     However, Now I want to export this file to a folder in my documents folder on my new mac server and unsure how do do this. I have already implemented a way to create folders from FM12 to the server using applescript but am now stuck with implementing an export from a script...Help on this would be hugely appreciated...

     Or at least an example of how I can target this file to another folder on the local Mac (if server option not possible) but not documents/dekstop. I tried get(filepath) but unsure what it should look like in a script like the one above...