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Saving PDF with Name from Field ? plus Radio Button Default

Question asked by DaveDave on May 26, 2012
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Saving PDF with Name from Field ? plus Radio Button Default


Hi Guys.

Sorry to be cheeky and ask two separate questions here which has got me stumped for the last few days.

Both are ( I think do-able and probably have an easy answer )...

1:-  On my form I've created Save AS PDF and email button with a script that works well.. At the moment it just sames the record as a standard file name ( ServiceReport.PDF )

I'm sure I can use a Feild name to save the file for example a field called 'Report Number ' and that answer is what is used to save the file..    I think I'm suppose to use either a variable and the $ symbol to get it to work, but whatever I try just ends in a mess.

2: Radio buttons.  I have three buttons in one field from a value list ' One' ,  'Two',  and 'Three'. when I create a new record these buttons are NOT highlighted and are empty of indicator button.  Is there a way to enable any one of the three values to become the default. In other words when the a new record is applied I already have one of the three radio buttons highlighted. Sounds simple but i cant seem to find a way to do it.

Any help would be much appreciate and all though these teo items a are not that impoortant it would put the iceing on the cake for my form.