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Saving Print Setup and Print Options as User Preference

Question asked by johnhorner on Apr 9, 2012
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Saving Print Setup and Print Options as User Preference


i recently came across a solution where it allowed the user to specify the page set up and print options for 3 or 4 different printers and record these settings to a preferences table.  to set up the printers, the user was asked to select from a drop down list of available printers and then made settings in the "page setup" dialog and "print" dialog.  presumably, you could then either script "printer 1", for example, as the desired printer without dialog or allow the user to select printer 1, printer, 2, etc. from a drop down list when they went to print.

so the question is, does anyone know how to implement this in filemaker, or does it require some sort of plugin or other programming?  specifically, assuming it is possible to do natively in filemaker, how do you generate the list of available printer's for the user to select from, and how do you save these settings.

my goal is to allow the user to set the printer preferences and setup once, and then use them without dialog in other printing scripts.