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    Saving Record to Word Document



      Saving Record to Word Document


      Fairly new to FMP.  Up to last month, I printed my bills from a layout.  I have about thirty or forty records that get sorted into about seven bills.  Last month, amazingly enough, I think I found a way of saving each bill into a file as a word document and then e-mailing that to the appropriate client.  Here I go now and I can't figure it out at all.  I think I'm sending one client, and another one shows up in the PDF.  And what I saved last month were word documents, not pdf's although my clients wouldn't have any trouble with PDF's.  Have a clue?  I really feel dumb.


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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Pro does not save directly to a Word document.  You can export the information into a variety of text formats, Excel, or PDF.  One of the text formats is "Merge".  This format can be used by Microsoft Word as a data document for Mail Merge, but each record would appear on a separate page.  If you have an example of how the Word document appears, that may help with understanding what FileMaker may be doing.



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            Thanks so much for your reply.  I was all confused and panicked last night, since the bills have to go out.  I've deviced a long and convoluted process of creating a PDF of all the bills and then copying and pasting each page into a separate word document and then e-mailing that.  Ugh!  What would be wonderful and I know, knowing all else that filemaker does it's probably possible, is to save each record as a PDF for each client and e-mail that to them.  In my best of all possible worlds, I would have a script that does that, but right now I'd be happy with just creating a PDF of each client's bill.


            How can I attach the copy of the PDF so you can see it?  Essentially I have about 30 records each months of transactions for about 8 different clients.  I sort by client, and then have a layout which groups the records by client so that each client has a page.  I tried to use the save/send PDF and then I even used options and saved page 3 only, but I'm only getting one page, one in the middle when I try to do that.  There's probably something really goofy that I'm missing.  Thanks so much for taking the time to help me.  


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              Thanks for the additional information.


              To display a PDF, you would have to put it on a server and then use a link (http://...) to display it.  You cannot put the PDF directly into the forum posting.


              Yes, you can devise a script that will export the information to a PDF file, and then use the Send Mail script step and attach the PDF file.


              There are several ways to print to a PDF file for the current client.  Make sure you select the print option "Current record" rather than "Records being browsed".


              Here is a sample script that may help you send out your bills quickly:


              Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]


                 Save Records as PDF [ Restore ; No dialog; "June.pdf" ; Current record ]

                 Send Mail [ Send via E-mail client ; No dialog ; To: <Email field> ; Subject: "June Billing" ; "June.pdf" ]

                 Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next ; Exit after last ]

              End Loop



              In essence, this goes to the first record in your found set.  We then enter a loop where we save the current record to a PDF file (June.pdf), and then send an email, using the Email field as the email address with the subject "June Billing", and attach the file "June.pdf" that was created in the previous step.  Then, skip to the next record and repeat the process.  After processing the last record, we exit the loop.


              I hope this helps.  If you need clarification for any of the above steps, please let me know.



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                Thanks for sticking with me.  I just added some records for three clients.  Then I got to my layout of the Monthly Statement and when I press the Icon for Save as PDF and choose current record, it gives me one of the client's page (let's call him K) and it doesn't even include all the records for that client--it reflects activity prior to June 28.  It doesn't matter which client page I choose to save, I save K's incomplete page instead.  If I go into options and choose the page I want to print,  I get a message that couldn't open the file it may be a format that preview doesn't recognize.  So I'm okay with my convoluted method, which saves the whole file and then copies individual ones, but I sure would like to know how to do this for next month.


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                  You have two options when printing/previewing/saving as PDF:


                  1) Current Record (TSGal's instruction), you get just the current record.


                  2) Records Being Browsed (Realy should be renamed "current found set"), you get all the records in the found set.


                  If you want a group of records in a single PDF, you have to use a find or other action to create a found set of just those records and then use the Records Being Browsed option.