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Saving records from search result

Question asked by Michelle_1 on Jul 31, 2012
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Saving records from search result


Hello FileMaker heroes :)

Here i am looking again for some lill help!

My DB is aaaaaallllmost ready, i just need now the last steps!

I make a time frame search and i get then the results in a layout.

This is the monthly commisiion of each worker, that i have to pay.

The problem is that maybe in some month some of the workers can have a negative provision, and this i need then to calculate for the next month.

I think the best solution is that i need a script that allow me to SAVE this search results, like a new table or record, that i could get the numbers from this results and use somewhere else, in calculations and such.

Just like a script tha get all the results from my search and save as a new extra record or a new invoice.

Well i think thats abit complicated and i hope you people can understand what i mean :) i am very new with FM :)


Thaaank you all!!