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Saving Thumbnail instead of file in container field

Question asked by jennscott8 on Jun 11, 2010
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Saving Thumbnail instead of file in container field



I have been looking everywhere for some information on this process and I haven't been able to find an exact solution to my problem.  I am sure I am searching incorrectly or something - anyway, here goes.


I have a FMP 10 database that I am using as a rights management tool for photographs that my company licenses for products.  I will have at least 50,000 images when the database is complete and it will grow by at least 10,000 a year.  I do not use the database as the asset managemetn tool for the photos, only as the rights management tool so I do not have a need to save a high resolution file in the database.  I only want ot have a reference to the file and then a viewable thumbnail in a container.  The thumbnail can be as small as 2in x 2in.  I would like a solution that does not require me to resize the original image.  I would just like to insert the image and FMP automatically resize it and only save the thumbnail in the container or - even better - save only a reference to where the file lives and show a preview of the file.


Please let me know if you have a solution to this problem.  I really appreciate your time and expertise!