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    Saving values only



      Saving values only


           Hello again Friends,

           I have one table with a few thousand entries.  Field 'A' is numeric, I want a new field 'B' which is a calculated result of field 'A'.  I want to eventually get rid of field 'A' but don't want to lose the values that were obtained in 'B'.  If I were in Excel I would do a Copy and Paste Values Only.

           How do I do this in FMP?



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               You didn't give any details about what makes up field b.   B could be a calculation field or you could use set field.

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                 Simply change the calculation field to type Number, Text, Date, TIme, TimeStamp--whichever matches the return type of the calculation and the current value produced by the calculation should be preserved as the data stored in what is now a data field instead of a calculation field. I've done this with a stored calculation. I haven't tried this with an unstored calculation field--which I suspect will not work, so check your storage option to make sure that this is a stored calculation.

                 You can also keep the calculation field and use Replace Field Contents to copy the contents of the calculation field into a data field defined to have the correct data type.

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                   Field 'B' is a calculated result of Field 'A' i.e.

                   1.5 * A

                   but I want to eventually get rid of field 'A' and still retain the value originally obtained with the calculation.

                   Sorry for the confusion, I'm new to this...


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                     Under Manage-Databases, select field b then under Auto-Enter select calculated value.  Enter 1.5 * A.   If you decide later to delete field A then goto field b and unselect the calculated value then delete field A.

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                       Or tab into Field B and use Replace Field Contents, and set it to be by calculation, = Field A * 1.5.

                       Both fields will still be number, just as if you had copied and pasted values in Excel.