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      I have purchased new computers with a 64bit driver. I am running Filmaker 5.5 (I know it's old) and am not able to scale the documents. I was able to do so using a 32bit environment. Any suggestions!!! This might mean the difference in purchasing in purchasing and recommending filemaker 10 or a completely new crm.


      Thank you,

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          Thank you for your post.


          There have been many changes since FileMaker Pro 5.5.  I recommend downloading a trial version of FileMaker Pro 10 from our website (www.filemaker.com).  When you launch your file with FileMaker Pro 10 trial, it will ask you to translate the file to FileMaker Pro 10 format.  A new file is created as it reads information from your old file.  In essence, your old file is not touched, so you can still use it in FileMaker Pro 5.5.


          Then, with the new translated file, you should be able to scale your documents.



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