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    Scaling In Web Viewer



      Scaling In Web Viewer


      I have set up Google Maps web viewer in a tabbed layout.  When the viewer loads, however, only a part of the web page (the upper left corner) is appearing.  The "good stuff" (where the map is on the left side of the web page) only appears if I create a layout with a giant web viewer.  But, that won't work for my tabbed layout.

      How do I get the web page to scale in the web viewer?



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          I use the following expression in one of my databases. It cribs stuff from a post originally put up by Raybaudi:

          <style type='text/css'>
          html,body {
              <body bgcolor='#FFFFFF' TopMargin='0' style='border:0'>
                  <iframe width='" & GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "MapViewer" ; "width" ) - 40 &
                      "' height='" & GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "MapViewer" ; "height" ) - 30 &
                      "' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0'
                      src='http://local.google.com/maps?q=" & CustInfo::Street & "," & CustInfo::City & "," & CustInfo::State & "," & CustInfo::Zipplus4  & "&amp;output=embed&iwloc=0&z=14'>

          The blue text refers to actual fields in the current record of my database so you'd need to edit that portion to refer to fields in your own database.

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            OK, this is a good solution.  But how do you make a simple map like that which has MULTIPLE ADDRESSES?

            I've made a Filemaker script that uses a loop to accumulate data from a set of found records.  But you cannot use a simple http:// URL to make a map.  Instead, you have to use the GoogleMaps API in a JavaScript script.  I have been able to do this with beautiful results--i.e., the html page loads perfectly into my Safari browser.  But when this is placed into a data URI schema in a WebViewer, as suggested by Raybaudi/PhilModJunk, it fails completely.

            I have a feeling that the WebViewer is doing something weird with the encoding, but I have no idea what.  Is there a solution to this problem?