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Scaling Scaling Over the Bounding Main

Question asked by RayMentor on May 1, 2009
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Scaling Scaling Over the Bounding Main


I continue to have a problem with scaling a printout in Filemaker 10 in a Windows environment. The database has a large report that client wants on one page. The number of fields required for the report means the layout has to span 1.5 landscape letter sized pages. From my Mac, the print script is a simple matter of applying the % reduction in the Print Setup step and all is sweetness and light. Windows clients are another story.


I've used 5 different drivers with a multitude of settings and cannot get Filemaker to apply the proper reduction on the Windows side of the fence. I too have tried the scaling dialogue under the effects tab with the result that only a portion of the data is printed on one page and in a reduced size. This means that if I pick say, 50% reduction, I get a printed image that only covers 50% of the letter sized page and what prints is only 50% of the whole content I'm trying to print.


I'd really appreciate help on this issue. I know I've seen other posts of a similar nature. What's the official word from Filemaker on this? Is it a limitation of "how far into" the subtler levels of a particular Windows print driver Filemaker can reach?