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    Scaling Scaling Over the Bounding Main



      Scaling Scaling Over the Bounding Main


      I continue to have a problem with scaling a printout in Filemaker 10 in a Windows environment. The database has a large report that client wants on one page. The number of fields required for the report means the layout has to span 1.5 landscape letter sized pages. From my Mac, the print script is a simple matter of applying the % reduction in the Print Setup step and all is sweetness and light. Windows clients are another story.


      I've used 5 different drivers with a multitude of settings and cannot get Filemaker to apply the proper reduction on the Windows side of the fence. I too have tried the scaling dialogue under the effects tab with the result that only a portion of the data is printed on one page and in a reduced size. This means that if I pick say, 50% reduction, I get a printed image that only covers 50% of the letter sized page and what prints is only 50% of the whole content I'm trying to print.


      I'd really appreciate help on this issue. I know I've seen other posts of a similar nature. What's the official word from Filemaker on this? Is it a limitation of "how far into" the subtler levels of a particular Windows print driver Filemaker can reach?

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          I believe Filemaker is aware that there are printing issues with their product. They've created a special forum especially for reporting these issues as they are complex and often difficult to duplicate. I suggest posting a copy of this post at Help Us Understand FileMaker Printing Challenges and follow their request for technical details. It won't solve your problem, but it may help the folks at FMI produce a better future bug-fix.


          In the mean time, I assume there's a reason you don't resize your text and fields to fit on the page without scaling?

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            Thanks, Phil. Yes, I've posted it over on the section of the forum you mentioned. I haven't seen any official Filemaker response to it other than the suggestion to see if the preview in the driver scales correctly.


            Would that I could fit all the fields on one page! That would save me all this trial and error;) Unfortunately, the number of fields required would have me printing them in 6 pt. type to get them to fit. Not that kind of thing one would prefer on a report, eh?



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              Yet "Printing in 6 pt" is essentially what you are doing when you specify your % size reduction right? I realize it'll take time and effort to change your layout, but the printed result should be virtually the same.

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                   Yes, Phil. Point taken. Maybe I should take the most direct approach and scrutch it all together and be done with it. That will save energy for the rest of life's little challenges....
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                     In the mean time, if you want to help Filemaker Inc, deal with the issue, you might want to add the tech info they request in How to report printing issues to your post in the other forum. Letting them know exactly which printers, drivers, etc. would help them out if they investigate your complaint.
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                       Yes, I can do that. Even better, I could send them a .mov file screen recording of the sequence of events as it happens. Just bought a copy of iShowU software and it does a fine job. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Excuse the cliche.
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                      Thank you for your posts.


                      I just answered the post on the "Printing" board, but will also post here for other users.


                      On a Mac, if you select scaling, it will scale everything across all pages.  On Windows, the scaling is by page.  For instance, if you have a Layout that barely exceeds one page, on a Mac, if you set the scaling to 90%, then the layout will print on one page.  With Windows, if you set the scaling to 90%, then each page is scaled to 90%.  That is, the first page of the layout will print at 90%, and the second page will print at 90%.  Windows will not look at the entire layout and scale.


                      Our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments are aware of this issue, but there is no additional information at this time.



                      FileMaker, Inc. 



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                           Thanks, TSGal. Appreciate the update on this. It's definitely a small, but annoying problem - like a stone in your shoe;) Have a great weekend.