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Scan barcodes into portal rows

Question asked by Rune on Dec 7, 2010
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Scan barcodes into portal rows



I am trying to get a barcode scanner (SOHO Intelliscanner with keyboard emulation) to insert scanned barcodes into a "serial number" portal on my main layout.

Basically, when the warehouse people assemble a system they scan all the parts that they out together.. Afterwards they come into the office where they connect the scanner to FM. 

The scanner then uploads the barcodes into the portal. The problem is that the barcodes all go into the same portal row. I have tried to set a script trigger to input only 1 per portal row but I am getting nowhere..

I am using FM11 Pro Adv, and am fairly new at this, please help.

EDIT: here's my script, it's pretty much working now but for some reason it adds an extra blank portal row to the portal, which then sorts it to the top of the rows.. Frustrating!