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    Scan images into filemaker



      Scan images into filemaker


      How do you scan an image directly into filemaker?

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          Thanks for your post.

          There is not a direct scan functionality built into FileMaker. In order to save and image into FM databases you must first scan and save the image to your hard drive. From there you can insert the image into a layout directly as a background or logo, or into a container field, depending on how you want the image viewed or accessed by the users.

          Inserting an image into a container field can be done by right clicking (or control clicking) the container field on your layout and selecting insert image, and inserting to a layout directly can be done through the insert menu.

          If you need more detailed steps or have other questions please keep me updated.


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            I have seen but not used a plugin for this called InsideScan. You might google search for their web site and contact them for more info if you think that's a viable option for you.