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Scanning a barcode 'wherever I am' - is it possible

Question asked by dinoapolito on Mar 28, 2014
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Scanning a barcode 'wherever I am' - is it possible


     I have a field called "Status" - values are OPEN and CLOSED (default = OPEN)

     On a layout called 'Close orders' there is a field for OrderStatus than when I scan a barcode with an ordernumber or manually enter the ordernumber, the Status changes to CLOSED.

     This works great but here is what I would like to do .....


     The above relies on the user clicking into the 'Status' field and indeed being on the 'Close Orders' layout.

     Is there a way where I can, say, encode a set of characters in front of the ordernumber in the barcode which would first move the focus to the status field then enter the order number? Better still this would work regardless of the layout I'm in.

     For example the barcode normally has WE34F4F5 - just the order number. What I would like is to prefix it with say, %$, and the %$ would force it to ...

     1. Go to Layout Close Orders

     2. Go to Field Status

     3. Enter the rest of the barcode characters - the order number

     Hope that makes sense







     I have a system where I can scan an ordernumber barcode into a field which fires a script that changes the field's value to CLOSED.