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    Scanning text into a data field



      Scanning text into a data field


      I have a project where I need to scan passages from a book into a data field. I've found one hand held scanner from Plan On, but it looks like I'll have to use a clumsy work flow of scan a bunch, then OCR it, and cut and paste into the database. 


      Anyone know of a way to make this easier? A better scanner to use?  

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          Thank you for your post.


          If you scan the information directly into FileMaker, it will save it as a graphic; not as words.  Therefore, the OCR software is needed to get the information into text format.  At that point, if you can get the text into the clipboard, then you can paste it into the field.


          Another possibility is to import the text file into the one record.  However, if the OCR places return characters in the passages, then the passage will be cut off during the import after the first line.



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            To scan documents into Filemaker, is there an interface in Filemaker for this or would this require a third party plug in?  Thanks