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Scatter Chart Help

Question asked by sccardais on Oct 1, 2014
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Scatter Chart Help



I want a scatter chart to analyze cancelations. My table contains a field, Status, that identifies all former customers who have cancelled. Another field c_Date Till Cancel calculates the number of days between their start date and the date they cancelled.

I want to visualize this in a scatter chart (bubble chart OK too.) The Y axis would be the number of days till cancellation starting with 1 day and max value of the longest number of days before cancellation.

The x axis is the Org's that cancelled. Our data shows that approximately 1,600 orgs have cancelled since we started so my scatter chart should show 1,600 data points. Alternately, a bubble chart would be fine, too.

I'm not having any luck generating this chart. I'm sure it's because I'm using the wrong values for one of my axis. I've tried placing my chart in various "parts" (Body, Sub Summary, etc.).  My data source is current found set. I've tried both Summarized groups and Individual record data when sorted on the Data Source tab. All I get is a straight line of dots representing the total number of records in my found set.

What values should I be plotting to get this chart?