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Scessing Filemaker Server Database FROM Sql Server 2008

Question asked by user20915 on Feb 17, 2011


Scessing Filemaker Server Database FROM Sql Server 2008


Pray this is possible !!!

I have a BI tool (CorVu) that works just great with our other databases, iSeries and SQL server. It uses ODBC connections to access this data and pull it down for use in the tool.

I have tried to use the FileMaker ODBC connecter to no avail on this tool. It appears to connect but does not show any of the tables in the FileMaker Database within the tool.

So I was wondering if I could "link" the FileMaker database thru sql server to pull in the tables and let the BI tool acess them thru SQL server in stead of directly to FileMaker...

Ideas ???  

Any idea when I cannot access thru thr ODBC directly ??

One thing I have noticed is the FIleMaker ODBC prompts you for a user id and password when connectiing thru Excel for example. None of the other ODBC drivers I have used have prompted in this way. Could this be causing Corvu to fail to read the database ??


Thanks !!