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Schedule Calander for FM 10

Question asked by kerry211 on Aug 15, 2009
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Schedule Calander for FM 10


I am looking at purchasing Filemaker Pro 10 but I have one question. I currently use ACT but it is a bit of a pain. I likke the look of Filemaker Pro 10 but cannot see if it has a calander built in. I run a website construction and hosting business. In ACT I go to the calander and set the reminders for when my customers hosting is due. ACT allows me to set a reminder 30 days prior to the hosting falling due and I can send an invoice to my customers. It also allows me to set the reminder for many years in advance and for every 2nd or 3rd year etc. Does Filemaker Pro 10 have this feature. I have looked through the trial version and the website but cannot find anything. I did find an add on once for a calander. Is this the only option??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.