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    Scheduling problem



      Scheduling problem




      I have created a easy weekly scheduling layout. (7 portals) + 1 portal that shows half and hour time slots.


      Here is following tables and relationships 



      table 1(schedule) x table3(contacts) (I created one field in contacts and one field in schedule created and "x" relationship, afterwards i deleted them so in the relationship table is said "unknown x unknown"

      !! i know this seems Odd, but it works. 


      Events::Start_time = schedule::cSchTime 

      Events::Date = schedule::cSchDate

      Table 1 (schedule)



      cSchID, | auto enter serial

      cSchTime | Mod ( SlotID - 1 ; 48 ) * 30 * 60 //calc end

      cSchDate | Let ( [

      sunday =Contacts 2::gDate - DayOfWeek ( Contacts 2::gDate ) + 1

      ] ;

      sunday + Div ( SlotID - 1 ; 48 ) 



      Table 2 (Events)



      EventID auto enter serial

      EventType (text)





      Table 3 (contacts)



      ContactID  auto enter serial








       So far so good. 


      The all the Portals shows related records from Schedule shows one Field from Event (EventType)

      Each portal got 20 rows, showing each half an hour after 08:00 and ends at 17:30 as the calc inschedule::cSchTime shows.. (08:00, 08:30, 09:00 etc..)


      don't worry everything work so far.... 


      When I make an Event (Date 17.07.09) (Start_Time 08:00) (End_Time 10.00) (EventType Lunch )



      It shows perfectly as and planed, it is Lunch as 08:00 but it show is end at 08:30. How can I make so EventType show until End_Time (10:00)



      I tried to create a new field in Schedule called cSchEnd_time, an create a relationship  "Event::End_time = Schedule::cSchEnd_Time. The portales doens show any data.


      Please help



      So my second question, do you understand what i mean? 



      Kind Regard

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          Why did you setup the relationship between Schedule and Contacts and then delete the fields?


          How many records do you have in Schedule?


          Why does it seem like the info you provided is missing a lot of info?  Like fields, relationships, layouts, etc.

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            Thanks Etripoli for your reply.


            Yea, there is an realationship between contact and schedule. sorry forgot to say that. I need to say that the relationship is "contact::Unknown x Schedule::Unknown" 

            It works,

            all other ways I get all the event into every users! ? Why ?


            Solved the problem by creating SchTimeEnd in schedule.

            and set these a new relationship between Event::Start_Time > Schedule::SchTime      Event::End_Time< Schedule::SchTimeEnd


            So the problem was a simply fixed. 



             For everybody how only are looking for a weekly based Schedule, I found out this is the easiest and nice looking schedule. if you also add conditional Formatting it will even look better:)



             If someone are interested in the*.fp7 solution, I can posting on this forum,