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school database

Question asked by PeterMontague on May 31, 2012
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school database


I am a secondary school teacer. I would like to set up a database for use for myself to track students' attendance, homework, contact details, exam results. I plan on using a plug-in to send webtexts to parents when I enter class test results. I would also like this database to provide me with graphs and charts to clearly show to parents how their children are progressing. 

I would like my database to work as a pilot for a year. So I would like it structured so that other teachers will be able to use it to monitor their own students' progress. I plan on hosting it using filemaker server 11.

Any ideas how to structure this with regard to tables and relationships?

I would also like to set it up so that when I call the roll I can use radio buttons to mark a student absent, present, late, and that the time I enter the data will be recorded as the time the student arrived in class. I suppoe a time stamp would do. It would be ideal if today's date was the default list of radio buttons presented when entering data.

I would also like to be able to check radio buttons for student behaviour, homework done/not done.

I've read "FileMaker Pro 11 The Mising Manual" and I would see myself as an intermediate level developer if such a thing exists.

Any ideas?